When Philbin was hired, there was a lot of speculation on who would fit in to his system, and would not. After nine games, I think we can sort this out.

Fits- Pouncey, Jerry, Martin, Bess, Hartline, Tannehill, Miller.

Misfits- Cog, Long,

Combo's- Bush shoulda been a VG fit but, has not been. DT is questionable. Fasano is both, as making an overall impact but, not being what he was in yardage before. Moore showed some good things but, I think we will go to Devlin as a backup.

Tag- We can franchise one player. IF we choose to not want to keep long, we can tag him for around $14M and look for a trade (High stakes poker), IF it's Smith, this year's tag was $10.6M, and hope for a trade. Bush would be $7.7 (based on this year) and not an option.

On D, Odrick is out of position but, was not that good as a 3-4 DE. He has looked average overall but, could be better in replacing Starks, and playing between Wake and Soliai.

What would you do?