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Whoa. I edited my post and added some more details, but for some reason it didn't take. My apologies guys.

To steal a more apt description from him:

"In essence its a dolphin, more realistic dolphin sort of gracefully soaring in the air, with a big radial sun behind it. That's it. No helmet on the dolphin. Just looks like a cleaner modernized logo."

Personally, I saw it in phase 3, which was apparently one of the final "mock ups". I didn't talk to the guy (team) who designed it. The Dolphin picture I saw was reversed but that could easily be the way they do things in beta of graphic design? I honestly have no idea. He didn't say "It'll face the other way" or anything, just showed me the pic

Sun is 100% in the background. I honestly liked the logo, and I love our current logo, so take that for what it's worth. Like I said, feel free to quote me months from now when they release it and laugh/gasp at how close/far away I was

Sounds like we are getting a new dolphin sans helmet with the old background sun. i just hope the dolphin isn't the sun life stadium dolphin. Tweaking the colors , no big deal as long as isn't too extreme.