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Right so Seattle only got better because of Wilson...and the 1204 rushing yards by Marshawn Lynch last year was nothing big...the 7th leading rusher in the league last year...no big deal. The fact that the defense got better by adding Bruce Irvin and his 7 sacks means nothing cause it's all because of Wilson. Sidney Rice, Doug Baldwin, Golden Tate, Braylon Edwards and Jermaine Kearse are clearly not better than our deep receiving corp (even though not one receiver on our team has ever scored more than 5 TDs in a season...some don't even have that for a career)...it's Russell Wilson making them pro bowlers. Craziest thing about Seattle's defense and how Russell Wilson has kept them off the field...so far in 2012 they've been on the field for 584 plays, in 2011 through 9 games they were on the field for 602...a whole 18 more plays...2 whole more plays per game...wow what a turnaround by Russell Wilson.

More excuses is right...you got them.
Not taking anything away from Wilson because hes been solid so far but Seattles WRs are clearly better then ours IMO.