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Dude. We Would Not Be Talking About Tannehill in this Post If We Had Taken MATT RYAN > JAKE LONG. Jake Long has a Good Chance of not being on this Team Next Year, and Matt Ryan is just hitting his Prime. I know I am beating a Dead Horse. But we defended Chad Henne and Jake Long to Death. And Guess What they are both Average. Matt Ryan or Drew Brees both could have been Miami Dolphin QB's. The Reason the Stadium is Half Empty is Jake Long.
Dude, we would not be talking about Tannehill, or wondering if Matt Ryan will ever come up clutch when it's "one and done" instant death if we had taken Aaron Rodgers instead of an oft-injured part time SEC RB now at the end of his career. It's likely that neither Melting Matty nor Big Jake would have been anywhere in our discussion

(League and SB MVPs) Aaron Rodgers >> the field