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Dude, Wallace Plays for the Steelers, and Will next Year Too. Get out of Fantasy Land! Hartline is Good, So is Bess. Tannehill is not extending plays, and he is throwing INTS. 3 Sunday and 3 against Houston. And Only has 5TD Passes. Take a Look at what Jake Locker did against us on Sunday. Cant name any of his receivers? And they did just fine 37-3. THILL better bring it tomorrow night. A Few more 3 INT games and will be looking elsewhere, I don't care who you are. NO QB in the NFL can throw 3 INTS in a Game and be a Starter for Long.
Just because you can't name any of their WR's doesnt mean they don't have any. You're obviously not the sharpest guy around. Nate Washington, Kendall Wright and Kenny Britt are better than the trio the Dolphins send out there. Jake Locker also didnt do a whole hell of a lot last week. The best thing he did was scramble. You have any idea how many 3 int games Marino had? Manning? Favre? The offense sucks and Tannehill is part of the problem right now. He checked down way too much last week but he doesnt have any help around him. His TE is mediocre, his WR's aren't anywhere close to playmakers and he has a ****ty ass running game.