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Thread: This maybe the one for the Logo and Uni's

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    Quote Originally Posted by LANGER72 View Post
    I love the 70's OLD SCHOOL logo and uniforms. I can tolerate the 80's and 90's uniforms.

    This is a football team, not 53 runway models for all the fashion designers who inhabit this forum.

    We need to change some of the players...not the uniforms!!!

    I think uniform colors can affect player performance in small ways.... like, some colors stand out more than others, which make it harder to see.
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    I like your style Dude

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    DeVante Parker's 11Cam Wake 91Tannehill 171972 Dolphins Logo
    The top middle one is my favorite. No need for a helmet bar IMO. I do like the naturally colored one in the bottom right section too.

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