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I was hoping for a discussion of how might actual play on the field could lead to a Fins win. I guess we are only at a level of discussion of arguing if Tannehill is like Henne and whether or not he is bust.

Should have gone VIP.
Like the write up Hayden, good job.

Agree on Defense and Special teams. But on offense I really think we are going to have to make some scoring plays in the passing game to take the defenders out of the box.
We have been trying to run and it just hasn't been working. We make plays here and there but in the end stacking the box results in us scoring 20 or fewer points. You hit 2 big TD passes and you get them out of it. Then we can run the ball. Who to throw the TD too is the big question? Not alot of help right now. But the way the refs are calling PI I would just throw it up deep at least several times to see if we can get a big play. Pass on 1st down, They will be expecting run. Keep them off balace.