I just wanted to reach out to our wonderful fans and offer a little bit of my opinions on this team and our past, present and future. We have suffered through mediocre to bad football for the last decade, our patience has wore thin (or out) and we are nearing a breaking point as fans of this football team. We have remained loyal but our team has not rewarded us for our loyalty and perseverance. Times are hard and have been hard for awhile. This season has been a rollercoaster so far. We have had downs, ups and then downs again. I see the threads from posters saying that we need more and that we have waited long enough.

I agree. We need more out of this team, the coaches, the players and the organization as a whole. Losing sucks and we have endured ridicule and taunts from fans of other teams. Our team has become a joke and I am sick of that. I am tired of being made fun of and picked on for the team I have supported the Dolphins since I started watching football. I have become numb to losing. Winning is a suprise to me because I always expect the worst. The Dolphins have conditioned me to expect to be let down.

I was suprised as anyone at are early to mid season competiveness. I had low expectations for this team this year because of the rookie QB and lack of playmakers on the offensive side of the ball. I also expected the pass defense to regress due to us trading Vontae and not addressing it last offseason. The team suprised me completely and we were competitive and exciting to watch. The games had me on the edge of my seat and I was talking about the playoffs prematurely. Then the game against the Titans brought me back to the reality that we are in. Teams now know what we have on both sides of the ball and can gameplan us very effectively. While I give props to the coaching staff for hiding our weaknesses earlier in the year, teams have now figured us out so to say. They know how to take away everything we want to do on offense and they know we are very thin in the secondary so pass, pass, pass and pass again. This is the team we expected to field from game one.

Having said this, we won't make the playoffs this year and I believe that we will have trouble winning any games the rest of the year. Our two games with Buffalo our probably our best chances to win. I am a little bummed but I think we are on the right track. I will support the Coach and the QB and give them time. I know time is what we have been giving this team year in and year out and of lot of people are sick of it but this is a new coach. This is his first year and that means we have to start over as well. If by next year this time we are still getting blown out by 3-6 teams then we will have problems but we NEED constistancy in this organization. If we keep jettisoning coaches and staff then we will continue to be the mediocre to bad team we expect year in and year out. I believe we have the key ingredients for a successful franchise so I will be here supporting them every Sunday and into next year. I know we are out of patience but I am still asking for it from everyone. There is finally light at the end of the tunnel and I don't think it's a mirage this time.