Last year, we all saw Bush running wild or at least very well. To the left, he was Lethal going behind Long a and Cog, who were giving a great push, some space, and sometimes wiping out that side of defenders.

This year is day and night. The new zone blocking scheme has Long and Cog moving sideways on many a play, and Reggie waiting for an opening to dart through. That's what zone blocking is supposed to do, and Bush shoulda been a perfect fit.

However, the left side of the OL is having a hell of a time in adapting, and does not belong in a WCO. IF you tell Jake & Cog to just go out and move people out of the way, I believe they will (as proven) but, that's not what they are being asked to do.

I have a problem in faulting Bush's dancing when the stars in front of him have been asked to slide to the side in place of knocking someone into into the secondary, which they both did quite well last year.