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Thread: Tannehill and the Bootleg

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    Tannehill and the Bootleg

    One other thing, as I have replied on couple of other postes re: Tannehill, they (Sherman/Philbin) need to have Tanny bootleg and scramble more.
    Every time he bootlegs and has time, he makes a play. Last night, when we finally drove down inside the ten, I told my buddy on first down, run a bootleg and it will be a score.
    What happened, run, run, penalty for 1st down, run some more (by now we have killed 4 minutes) and finally, bootleg for a TD!
    Sometimes I just wonder, the guys athletic, let him use his God given tools, this seems to obvious to me......
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    The two commentators last night hinted their frustration at Miami not letting Tannehill "try and make a play" and I agree. Get some bootlegs, scrambles, rolling around the pocket, etc. We are turning him into Henne, let Ryan play!
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    I have two explanations for this:

    1. Mike Sherman is an idiot.

    2. The coaching staff is more concerned with developing Ryan Tannehill as a pocket quarterback than winning football games.

    I actually hope it's #2.
    I'm here to tell the truth about top secret Air Force project BAR STOOL. Gamma ray radiation from the particle accelerator under Joe Robbie Stadium is real! Get out while you can! This bad football team is just a front for something far more sinister!
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