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So other teams drop 8 into coverage because they can pressure with four. Our receivers can't separate and our easily covered most of the time. Tannehill is constantly under pressure because they can't eat open. We have no TE. We have no big targets. We can't run the ball. **** it, he should be much better even though he has nothing to work with. Lol look yesterday was Tannehills fault. He threw a terrible pick at the end, but you guys overreact in a way that is beyond the pail.
No he threw TWO horrible picks! TWO!!! He not only failed once, but twice in the same game!!!! His protection was fine at the end he just make bad decisions and inaccurate throws. You can blame his teammates, the bum who drafted him, or piss poor coaching all you want but the bottom line is that he isn't getting better in the areas that he controls and that is alarming!