Let's see what Marino can do with Hartline and Bess as his WRs instead of Duper, Clayton and Nat Moore who could catch anything in sight.

Throw in Rodgers or Brees or ellie or any other elite QB nowadays.

Try luck or rg3 too.

This team is utterly devoid of playmakers because ireland has a fetish for inside-out linemen. You can find better skill position players on almost any random college team. Philbin said it, "we have nothing going on" on offense. NO stretch, NO challenging the defense, NO impact at all.

Teams like that are ALWAYS on the south side of .500, no matter how great their defense may be (and ours isn't great anymore).

Until ireland is gone and there is a COMPLETE CULTURE CHANGE in this franchise to rid it of the inside-out jj/wannabe/soprano cowboy CANCER that has destroyed it since Shula left, we are going NOWHERE.