Kids a rookie. We were never supposed to do anything this year with the players we have and him being a rookie. We have no Wallace of the steelers to stretch zones. Every team plays under becasue we throw under hence no deep threats. We have good complimentary recievers to a deep threat number 1 yeah. Also Rookie QBS always suck 99% of time (look at sanchez he went as rookie to east championship and now he sucks) this year means absolutely nothing. We still have sporanos guys. Give philbin some drafts to fix his defense and get his guys in. Tannehill needs all xp points at this point so next year he isint shaken up by any new looks or 2 min offense to win game. So stop hating on the kid. This team will look 80% dif next year with all of philbins guys and sporanos OUT!

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Get out you haters warning get out you haters warning get out you haters