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it is also rediculous to lay all the blaim at tannehills feet. Ryan tannehill wasn't even on the field when our defense gave up repeated 3rd and longs to the colts offense. Tannehill wasn't on the feild when carpenter missed the field goals. Tannehill is not missing blocks and closing our running lanes. He done some stuff wrong and hes done some stuff right. Let the secenario play out. Alot of the problem with our fan base is unrealistic expectations coupled with knee jerk reactions. At some point dolfans need to learn to act instead of reacting.
It's ridiculous and unfair, however it's a QB driven league nowadays and had Tannehill drove the team down the field and won a game we had no business winning it would have been HUGE and he would have gotten all the credit. I'm far from giving up on the kid but he needs to pull one of these things off no excuses.