This is the strangest thread.

1) This is how you spell "ridiculous."

2) Aaron Rodgers didn't sit after being drafted because of some master plan. Aaron Rodgers sat because Green Bay had this Brett Favre guy who was playing pretty well.

3) We're really having these conversations about Tannehill after ten games?

Quick, how many comebacks did Peyton Manning, Troy Aikman, and John Elway have in their first seasons? Seeing as those three won a COMBINED seven games in their first seasons, it certainly wasn't many. it took Peyton Manning until Week 10 of his rookie season to have his first comeback win. Up until that point, he was 1-8. And he had these two guys on his team named Marvin Harrison and Marshall Faulk.

Aikman? He didn't get his first comeback win until the first game...of his second season. It was also his first in of any kind in the pros. He didn't win anything in his first season, with Herschel Walker and Michael Irvin.

I think all that we've firmly established thus far is that Tannehill is a rookie QB who is making mistakes that were expected, and that we don't have any future Hall of Famers at WR or RB.