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Would you have said the same about Payton Manning in his first year! Look at Payton's record and number of interceptions. Tannehill has no weapons to throw to. He is a gun slinger with no weapons.
I really wish the comparison with Manning would not be made. Peyton had 28 INTs in his very first year but also 26TDs and threw for almost 4000 yards. To pull comparisons of any HOFer or potential HOFer with Tannehill is ridiculous. Just as declaring Tannehill a complete bust. With every Manning or Brady or Rodgers comparison I could pull a Sanchez or Leaf comparison.

The notion of 'we have crap for receivers' does not hold either. We may not have bonifide downfield receivers but that our receivers can get open deep we have seen. If Bess is 30 yards downfield and he is overthrown for an INT it certainly is not on 'our receivers are too slow'. We certainly don't have the speed of a Marshal, Moss or Ocho to go down the field on a regular basis but it is not like our receivers are chicken ****.

Instead of declaring Tannehill the next franchise QB or a complete bust we all should be wondering if he ever overcomes the 'rookie wall'. The rookie wall is a nice phrase to explain the adjustment opponents make based on film they can now watch. Taking away the strength of a rookie QB and pushing him into his weakness IS the rookie wall. Those coaches who can overcame these type of game plans with better play selections become great coaches. And those rookie QBs who can force their will and strength onto opposing Ds with success become franchise QBs.