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Tannehill has regressed because the offense around him is regressing. Think about it. Jake Long is getting worse by the week. You can tell Tannehill feels a lot more uncomfortable in the pocket the last few weeks than when he was in early October. Long is going to get Tannehill killed. Martin is regressing, he's starting to get beat a lot as well. Incognito and all his boneheaded penalties is killing the offense's momentum, pushing Miami back, putting Tannehill in 3rd and longs. Reggie Bush has obviously regressed as well... fumbling, dancing, giving himself up easily instead of running over defenders, just ineffective out there. Hartline, again regressing. Missing in action most of the time, pushing off or fumbling. I mean if the offense is crumbling around you, it's hard to expect Tannehill to continue play great. Against Tennessee and Buffalo, Tannehill seemed to be trying to do too much and was forcing passes cause I guess he saw no one else on offense was doing anything to make a play. Offensive line has got to get better...I think that happens by getting rid of Long next season.
You have made some good points. But if these points you are making are to vindicate Tannehill, they won't work.