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Thread: I want Ireland gone just so I don't have to hear the constant bitching about him...

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    GM I want Ireland gone just so I don't have to hear the constant bitching about him...

    I can't even listen to a radio show for more than 5 minutes before someone bitching about Ireland. Annoying. He hasn't structured a team good enough for me to care if he is fired or not.

    Unfortunately, I doubt he gets fired because Ross is tight with him and I believe he counts him as part of the new Philbin regime. The proper thing to do would have been to clean the slate completely of the failed Tuna regime LAST YEAR because keeping Ireland on only leads to friction and undercuts the fan trust in the new regime.

    No guarantees the next GM would do any better, but at least we wouldn't have the immense fan hatred for the regime until at least 3 years down the road. Wish we could nab some guy from Green Bay and be done with it.

    **If the Dolphins make the playoffs, this sig will become HIRE PHILWIN**
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    I hope he's gone cause he sucks
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