This is a question to Dolphins apologists who are satisfied with the direction this team is headed.

-So far this past decade we have one playoff appearance and zero playoff wins.
- We either have been horrifically bad or mediocre.
- We have "re-built" three different times this past decade.
- We have not had a offense good office since the first term of the Clinton administration.
- Even with the usually good defense, they could never come up big when the game was on the line.

Good for the fans for not showing up last Sunday against Tennessee. The fans are bright enough to see this team is not making any progress.

Hopefully there will 20,000 fans to see the Seattle game. It will be the only way to send a message to Ross that we are fed up with the status quo (Jeff Ireland). who, do I have to remind, traded Brandon Marshall for Michael Egnew and another 3rd round pick.

And people wonder why the sports media does not give us any respect.