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When people stop raising ******** complaints about the direction of the team.

It's as simple as this: the team can't rush right now. The O-line is getting pushed around with ease. Defenses are completely aware of both Miami's ineptitude at rushing and our sparse talent at receiver, so now they don't even bother rushing our rookie QB. Tannehill is being asked to pass on defenses that are going full pass defense and is making lots of throws to fully covered receivers. What's worse? The short passing game is yielding very, very few big plays. So, it's go 3 and out or hope for a long pass reception to a guy who is covered up.
How are these "********" complaints about the team? They are all legitimate points. You can make fun of my points all you want, but the game day attendance speaks for itself. Fans are fed up with this team and the same problems year after year after year.