Let's be honest, if that PI penalty on Hartline doesn't happen and Miami, with that momentum, goes in for 6, Miami wins the game and our conversations are different today. I don't know that's going on with the OLine, but it's not one of the classic swiss-cheese OLine games that I've seen around the league all year. Miami had 7 sacks against the Cardinals and then St. Louis had 8 against them the following week. There are bum OLines and there are mediocre ones and that would be ours. I do think the issue in our run game is that teams are loading up to stop us and we're not making them pay. Also, teams have seen the film on us and we've reached the end of what we can do with just scheme.
Let's look at why our defense has given up so many rushing yards lately. It's because our secondary is so bad that we have to overcompensate to cover the pass. We're spread out and fixated on it and running lanes are happening all over the place. Plus, let's be honest. We've faced some high-round pick talented mofos out there lately. Spiller is a talented player, and CJ2K is a damn superstar. Still, Buffalo was spreading us out and whipping our DB's ass last night.
My point is that we can't run until we can get these teams scrambling in the pass game. Until these teams have to really be concerned with getting lit up through the air they will continue to make our OLine's job miserable.
Our OLine is far from perfect, but they hung in there long enough to give #17 time much more often than not. Our QB is inaccurate and our receivers don't get enough space often enough.

I kinda forgot what my point was here relating to the thread title. Maybe it's just that Philbin/Sherman are doing OK if our players make the plays. If teams want to stack the box, then hit the open receivers and tear down the field.

This is why we won't get a new GM though: A new GM isn't gonna be in love with our rosters, or who are draft picks were in previous years. They won't coddle Tannehill. They won't care about which system he ran when. So a new GM will look at Tannehill as an inaccurate QB who fails to make plays. A new GM will probably bring in a veteran that he knows can play the game. You'll have a REAL QB competition in camp. Tanny really will have to earn it and that is in doubt right now. Miami's previous investments will fall by the wayside, and I just don't think Ross has the balls to do that. Ross won't have the stones to shred everything that's come before. Ross won't admit that the whole brain trust that's put in place is a failure and scrap it. Ross won't risk losing the investment they've made in Tannehill, starting just at the PR standpoint and team marketability standpoint. Plus he knows that there's no guarantees the new guy will get it right either. So he will stay the course. The whole course.