This team is officially a disgrace. We have some serious work to do in the personel department. We need to acquire some real talent all over this offense. Defensively, we have some guys to work with, but still lack guys who can make impact plays.

But, let me start with a couple of guys who should be New York Jests, because they would be a real nice fit on that team since they talk big and play small.

Reggie Bush - All week we had to hear this nonsense about Reggie Bush didnt deserve to be benched, he is the only playmaker we have on offense, and Philbin was making a crucial error.

Let me tell you a little about Reggie Bush. Reggie Bush is a huge vagina. This is why he occasionally makes an explosive play. He is so moist and slippery that he can be tough for the defense to nail down. Yet, when he tries to run laterally, he gets stretched out by black guys.

All week we had to listen to Reggie Bush run his mouth, making apologies, and talking about how he is going to step it up. First of all Reggie, we dont need you to tell us that you have blown for weeks now. We have been watching. Secondly, I dont need you to confirm Philbin's decision to sit you on the bench. It was a good move not just because you fumbled, but you simply havent ran hard since Laron Landry hot sauced you. You are killing this team since that time. Finally, I dont want to hear out of your mouth how you are going to step up. Lets see it OK. Dont be a JET. Be a real leader. Lead with your play on the field.

Again, since Reggie got hot sauced, he hasnt been worth a damn. He is dancing and running soft. He laid down in the 2nd half of that Jests game when he couldve played and that was one of the big reasons we lost that game. Reggie fails to show up when it counts. This is all because Reggie Bush is a huge gash.

Reggie Bush is one of the most overrated players in the NFL. He is up there with Scam Newton, Vick, RG3 and 6, and others. He is all hype. The guy makes a highlight reel run every 2 months and he is supposed to be a playmaker? Get real. All Reggie Bush is, is a celebrity. Thats it. Its part of the hip hop culture and the hype of dating porn stars with herpes.

One of the biggest excuses I get sick of hearing for this guy is "they are using him wrong". This is complete nonsense. Just admit he is nothing more than a decent 3rd down/scat back. He is not a real starting RB. Simple as that. Notice on that last run he had where he actually gained 10 yards, even Mayock pointed out how right before impact, Reggie slows up and braces himself for the hit. A real RB would hammer through that. Even if you dont break the tackle, act like a real RB and serve punishment. WRs take dives and find the sidelines. RBs are supposed to punish. But, hey. Reggie is not a RB. He is a scatback/3rd down RB.

The draft has become such an overhyped event that everyone who is drafted high is automatically perceived as this great player. It wasnt long ago that guys drafted in the top few picks werent annointed so easily. They had to prove it on the field. Now days with all the Mayocks, Kipers, and McShays of the world with their mock drafts in October before the draft order is even set(I cant explain that ****. Cant figure the point.) if youre drafted early, youre a household name. Reggie Bush is a guy who was going to be cut in New Orleans and only traded for a 6th round pick because Miami wanted to avoid him hitting the open market. Yet, because he is a name and was drafted 2nd overall, he gets credit for being a big time NFL RB.

This brings me to the 2nd incredibly overrated player on this team...... Jake Wrong.

Jake Wrong is an overpaid, overrated, fat, cornfed, piece of ****. All this talk about pro bowls is nonsense. He isnt even one of the best 10 LTs in the league. Matty Ice would be a better LT than Jake Wrong.

This guy continues to get straight up bullied. He got blown up on a toss play by a completely washed up, roided out, Merriman. Sean Merriman. This guy barely hangs on an NFL roster. Yet, he made Jake Wrong his bitch. And this is the guy some of you are talking about we need to resign? For what? I wouldnt resign him if he took a so called hometown discount. I wouldnt resign him if he took bottom tier LT money. He is garbage.

Almost every play where Martin gets smoked at RT, Jake is getting beaten as well. Its like the DEs from the opposition have a meeting at Tannehill. Jake Wrong got straight bullrushed on that play where Martin's man got a sack. If he hadnt gotten there, whoever Long was attempting to block was getting a sack.

Week after week he just gets worse and worse. Im really sick of hearing he is injured too. I havent seen him on the injury report. If he is injured, then dont play. If youre going to play, I dont want to hear excuses.

This idea that Jake Wrong is some kind of a leader is ridiculous. Get your big ugly Michigan tatoo off my team. Turn your hat around and find the first flight out of Miami.

Im not so sure Martin can play LT either. I hope its just a case of he is playing out of position and needs experience because he gets beaten like a drum over there.

Incogniblow is terrible too. Go take pride in your dirtiest player hype somewhere else. All this OL has is Pouncey and Jerry. We have a lot of work to do with this group. Unreal. All that cornfed drafting and we have total **** for OL.

Defensively we werent horrible tonight, holding Buffalo to 4 FGs. But, this defense lacks playmakers. I get tired of hearing how Wake gets held. Make a play. And when you finally get a sack because no one blocked you and we are losing by 12, I can do without the dancing and posing OK.

This secondary is pathetic. Im glad to see Jones emerging. He was all over the field tonight. But, nobody in this secondary wants to make a big play. Intercept a ball more than once every month would ya please. Jimmy Wilson cost us a critical 3 points. That ball was in the air so long he couldve fair caught the thing. What was the point in going to the ground? Just walk under it and catch it.

I gave Dansby a lot of grief in the preseason. But, to his credit, he is the lone one of those so called "leadership council" members who has any ****ing balls. His play has backed up his talk. He needs to keep it quiet when things dont go his way, but his play has matched that of a leader. He also played the 2nd half of that big win over the Jests with an injury. Reggie Bush dosent have that kind of guts. Notice btw, the first time we crossed midfield tonight was when Bush was on the sidelines. Just like when he got benched last week, our lone scoring drive was with Bush on the sideline.

Now I have to talk about Tannehill before I wrap this up.

Ryan Tannehill has played like complete dog**** for 10 qtrs now. He has been terrible. And while its true the OL has been total garbage and we dont have much in the way of skills position players, I dont want to hear those excuses. Players have to be accountable for their own play and that includes the rookie QB.

The reality is that there were plays to be made out there and Tannehill has not made them. He is missing on throws that are there. That play to Clay wouldve been a huge one. He missed that throw by a mile. He is even missing on simple screens. There was one to Bush that couldve been a big play but, Tannehill missed. He just is not making good throws or good decisions right now when he has the chance.

Despite how badly the OL played and the lack of talent on offense, if Tannehill had played well, we couldve won tonight. He needs to get it together or we are going to be completely justified in wondering if he really is our guy going forward.

Lastly, I dont want to hear the bull**** about playcalling. Look, when you have a complete lack of talent on offense and poor execution, there is not a playcall that is going to work. It isnt the playcalling. Its bad play by bad players. Put some talent out there and guys who can execute and those plays will work just fine. This is a fact because those plays have worked many times before. Its just when they worked, they were ran by good players who executed them properly. They werent ran by scrubs who cant get open, cant block anybody, and cant throw it where it needs to be thrown. Simple as that.

The one thing the coaches can do better is realize what they have. Get it through their heads that Reggie Bush dosent need to be starting or getting a bunch of carries. He needs to be brought in on 3rd downs to block a blitz or exploit a mismatch in the passing game. Give him a couple of carries on a draw or something, but stop trying to use him as a grinder. Daniel Thomas is our regular RB.

They should also realize that Devone Bess does not belong on the field unless its 3rd down and we are in a 3 WR set that includes him IN THE SLOT. He is a great mismatch to exploit in that situation, but a wide out he is not. He simply dosent belong on the field spread wide. He gives you no threat at all down the field. It makes the defenses job so much easier and allows them to cut off a lot of the field. It hurts our run game.

Hartline is fine. He can threaten a defense deep. Bess is great in the slot. When you go 3 wide, he should absolutely be out there. But, hey. If Moore, Matthews, or Gaffney cant be the WR opposite Hartline, then were screwed. Bess simply isnt an option in that spot. Personally, I think Matthews should get opportunities. At this point, there is nothing to lose and I think we could be missing out on something. Give the kid a chance.

Get Long and Bush off of this team. Give Matthews a chance. Load up on guys who can make plays in this draft. Defensively we need guys in the secondary who can actually intercept a ball and guys who can really threaten the QB without everyone complaining they are being held on every play. Offensively, we need guys who can threaten the defense with speed. If we can get some of these players, we may have a shot. But, even if we do, Tannehill is going to have to play better or we will never win anything.