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Way to quote a flaming, ghetto black dude at the end of your rant. Nice.

Anyway, saying that the QB position is the lone position you can say "if he plays better, your team could have won the game" is simply wrong. I can think of a couple of missed fgs (not kicked by our qb) that cost us a game.
First of all, that flaming ghetto dude is funny. Get real about it and put your prejudices aside. Dude was funny.

The 2nd part dosent hold true every game. I thought I was clear about that. For instance, the first Jests games there were several players where you could say we win the game if they get the job done. Crapenter in the first Jests game is a prime example.

All I was saying is that was the case last night. Tannehill was the one player you could say with certainty that had he played better we win that game. In the NFL, its often the case you can say that about the QB position. Much more often than not, it is the case. Especially in games vs. bad teams like Buffalo who are beatable in so many ways.

It takes a lot of players not getting the job done to lose to Buffalo. They are the kind of team that will allow you to beat them in multiple ways and multiple aspects of the game. All it took was a decent job by the QB and you beat that team even with everyone else playing poorly, thats how bad Buffalo is. And thats how you see teams with great QBs win a lot of games vs. bad teams when the rest of their team has a bad game. How many times have you seen Brady or Peyton pull a game out of the fire when the rest of their team was beaten all day? Exactly.