When Philbin said here's when we find out whom the men are after before the Tenn game he said that because of all the aches and pains on the team. After week 8 it becomes a matter of heart to win because everyone is fighting injury. The OL takes too many plays off and they get blasted. They are just there for a check. The receivers are cutting the field in half for the D because of no deep threat so our offense becomes elementary because Tannehill always checks down. I agree with most of your post except for Dansby WVA. Dansby is out of position so much the last three games that Rashad Jones has had to cover his slack but that means 4-6 yard carries before Jones can get there. Dansby, Bush and Long are not the leaders we need on this team. Pouncey, Incognito and Martin are ok if we add a couple of more solid FA OL. Take the money and put it in skill players at WR, and stiffen the D with playmakers that can catch the ball at CB, DE and LB. Our secondary needs to score high on the test. Their lack of intelligence especially Sean Smith, is the biggest hindrance to their ability to make plays.