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Thread: WVDolphan's Get Real - Week 11 Recap/We have a couple of Jests on our team

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    When Philbin said here's when we find out whom the men are after before the Tenn game he said that because of all the aches and pains on the team. After week 8 it becomes a matter of heart to win because everyone is fighting injury. The OL takes too many plays off and they get blasted. They are just there for a check. The receivers are cutting the field in half for the D because of no deep threat so our offense becomes elementary because Tannehill always checks down. I agree with most of your post except for Dansby WVA. Dansby is out of position so much the last three games that Rashad Jones has had to cover his slack but that means 4-6 yard carries before Jones can get there. Dansby, Bush and Long are not the leaders we need on this team. Pouncey, Incognito and Martin are ok if we add a couple of more solid FA OL. Take the money and put it in skill players at WR, and stiffen the D with playmakers that can catch the ball at CB, DE and LB. Our secondary needs to score high on the test. Their lack of intelligence especially Sean Smith, is the biggest hindrance to their ability to make plays.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Miamifinz View Post
    Lol, we don't have much talent but we don't need to find that many good players to be contenders. I stand by what I said earlier in this thread, Cam Wake is a top 5 pass rusher in my book, and Starks is a great interior pass rusher. If we can find someone halfway decent to replace Odrick our D-line can mask a lot of our flaws in the secondary. Not sure if Vernon is the guy just yet. That'd be priority #1 for me. Number 2 would be saving 12 million in Jake Long, and actually UPGRADING the position by putting Martin in his original position, and paying a couple mill in FA to get a solid right tackle. I'd like to see Jerry gone as well, or at least lose another 30 pounds. Still too fat for our style of blocking. Hopefully the last weak link on the line would be Incog who we can dump in 2014.

    Number three: Get a wr in FA. There are some solid options and we have money to spend. If you have to pay more to get him do it, this position needs a major deepthreat. I think it's amazing how Tannehill is one of the better deep ball QBs with NO deep threat. This would help him tremendously. A guy like Wallace or Harvin or Bowe would allow Hartline and Bess to get open more as well.

    Lastly, I think 2 of our first 5 picks should be FS and corner. Stick Marshall in the nickel, draft a boundary corner opposite of Smith, and replace Clemons. That'd be a perfect offseason for me. And really it's not so much getting a whole bunch of great players as it is letting go of dead weight like Long, Bush,Clemons, etc.
    I don't know why you think my post is funny. Have you taken the time to read your own post and add up the number of players you're talking about? Yeah ... like I said, 6 to 8 players away.
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