Frustrating loss to say the least.... And once again, Dan Carpenter missed a FG earlier and what do you know, instead of being in position to kick a game winning FG with seconds left, we are forced to score a TD and we all know how this turned out

Long- Gone after this season... You are not worth the money you will be asking for
Bush- Gone after the season.... Take your dancing in the backfield steps to ABC
Carpenter- Gone after the season.... Can not trust you any longer
Sean Smith- Gone after the season.... You are afraid to tackle and you are never in position.. You play soft !!!
Nolan Carrol- Gone after the season. I stand corrected.. Cut his A** right now... R U kidding me with that showing tonight????

My only hope is that Tannehill changes direction and begins to show us signs that his is the man going forward. Its all I have left to watch for

Oh yeah, one last thing. Can we now play Miller and Matthews going forward please