I think Jeff Ireland's firing is a foregone conclusion.

Listen, try and be objective about this. Of all the important people in the organization, whose ass is the hottest? Just answer the question honestly. Ireland's clearly got the biggest bull's eye on his back.

Now also honestly answer this. After seeing how negative everything has gotten after two losses in a row, and now three losses in a row...think to yourself what the environment is going to be like after the Dolphins play the Seahawks, Patriots, 49ers and Patriots again.

It's going to be bad. Even winning games against the Jaguars and Bills wouldn't bring anyone off the brink after having lost 7 of the team's final 9 games. And that's if the team can in fact win both of those games, and I think it's fair to question that.

You're Steve Ross, you've got no attendance by the fans whatsoever, you've got a team that is even worse this year than they were last year if that can be believed, and the fans are directing like 95% of their ire toward the man who has spent the last five years as the architect of this losing roster.

I'm sorry, Ireland's fate is sealed.