What I'm seeing is a very fruatrated QB, who's forcing throws because his receivers aren't getting any separation at all, his running game is non existent, and he'a getting harassed by D-linemen because his line is playing terribly! he's getting tired of going 3 and out so he's trying to force throws to covered players hoping one of them will make a play. But it's obvious that's no happening! It's not like he's missing guys that are open! I think only once did I hear jaws break down a play where it appears he missed an open receiver! But after I looked at the play again, he actually threw the ball where clay should have been going but for some reason Clay cut the crossing route short and faded towards the middle of the field which lead to the incomplete pass. The main difference between how we were playing in the beginning of the season and now is that our running game was working, and our oline was playing well. Neither of those things are happening now and we don't have the receiving core or QB(due to youth and inexperience) to make up for it. Tannehill is a rookie so I'm not expecting him to play like Peyton manning. You see what the colts did, they kept Reggie Wayne and drafted Hilton and fleener so their rookie QB would have a chance of success! What did we do? Cut Marshall and signed Legedu Nene! FAIL! lets prepare for next year, get egnew, Lamar miller, Vernon, Matthews, all the young guys... Some more playing time! Because I really don't see us beating Seattle, NE, which means no playoffs for us!