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Thread: Et Tu, officials? Why the screwjob by the zebras?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYCBillsFan View Post
    If the refs were out to give the Fins a "screw job", I don't think they would have flagged the Bills nearly double what they gave the Fins. That being said, I think that the officiating needs improvement. Too many terrible calls this year league wide.
    deff true. sad thing is its not this year specifcially its every year, and i am not even talking about missed holding calls, etc. im talking blatant calls, non controversial.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Finfan0120 View Post
    I realize we played badly, but I was at the game with a Green Bay fan (completely neutral), and he pointed out several OUTRAGEOUS calls. The refs really are screwing us, it is not an excuse, it is a FACT.

    That being said, my friend was also able to call which plays the Dolphins would run on offense about 75% of the time. Our offense is painfully predictable. I swear i saw Sparano in a Fins uniform fist-pumping on the sidelines.
    Sherman was calling plays in GB for awhile.

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