After going to the game last night, here's what I saw:

Sherman Needs To Get an Imagination

I think we can all talk about how the lack of talent at receiver is hurting the passing game, and the fact basically the whole offensive line are big "power run" blockers, not quite fit for a zone scheme...but you can cover wholes like this with some creative play calling. I swear, we hardly vary our play selection, everyone in the stadium knows we're running the ball on first down, and unfortunately, our run game is not strong enough or varied enough to be successful in that situation, this leaves Tannehill in harder to manage situations. Anytime we did switch up the call we had success, play action on first down is our strongest weapon, it's the way we can artificially create separation for big plays.

Speaking of Receiver

There was Rishard Matthews, finally. You know what, he's going to be very good. From what I saw in the stadium he seems like our most dynamic receiver. However, I'm not going to whine and ask where he's been because in the 4th quarter when we were trying to hurry up and come back, he lined up on the wrong side of the formation, and almost cost us a delay of game penalty cause he had to fix it. Obviously, this offense takes some receivers a while to learn...even season vets (see Gaffney, Jabar). But that was one of the more hopeful nuggets I took from last night.

Don't Blame the Defense

With the lack of offense we had last night, it's a tribute to our defense that this team was still able to have a chance to win in the fourth quarter. I thought they did a really good job, and probably would've held Buffalo to fewer points if it wasn't for my next observation...

What Is Going On With These Refs?!

My god, I don't know what we've done but we have really been on the wrong side of the officials for weeks now. Buffalo was given some gift first downs to help their team along into field goal position.

Now That's How You Fill a Stadium

Buffalo, who hasn't been to the playoffs for well over a decade and is currently 3-6 with a team full of overpaid over the hill vets, was absolutely ROCKING last night. The 100 and 300 levels were ridiculous, the traffic was crazy the noise was deafening. Take note South Florida, we were 4-4 in playoff contention and couldn't fill the stadium. For all of those who always say "Win and they will come," bull****...and that crowd definitely had an effect on the game. Just wish for once Miami could support our team. So you know there were plenty of Fins Fans in the stadium, and being a Fins fan on a night game was borderline dangerous. One fins fan was pushed inside a concession stand just for being a Miami fan. I brought my Girlfriend to the game her first NFL game, and bought her a Dolphins winter cap (brainwashing starts now) and she was almost brought to tears by some of the things people were saying...granted she's a little over emotional, but that's a diff. story diff. thread. Point is they were the 12th man and gave the Bills the edge they needed.

This is wear we are. I still think Tannehill's the future. We have some holes to fill in the offseason, but we need to finish strong.