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Thread: Let's Face It!

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    Let's Face It!

    In August there was a thread someone started that asked board members to predict Miamiís record for the 2012 season. The majority of the posters in that thread stated the Fins would be 4-12 or 5-11 and even the most optimistic posters said 7-9, 8-8 and 9-7. Well, most of us were right which proves itís not always as exhilarating to be right about what we post on here as some may think. Anyway, my point is why are we getting so upset with this team for doing what we all expected them to do in August? Sure, we won a few games and got caught up in the playoffs talk that was happening but to me we were dead when we flew out of Indianapolis (even thought thereís an article from Mando today stating our season is now on the respirator LOL). The 12 fins were not going to be a playoff team and everybody KNEW this in the offseason, why the surprise?

    Itís really the same story for the Dolphins, decent but far from great defense and piss poor offense. Lets face it we really havenít seen good offense since the last 9 games of last season when we played crappy teams. Unfortunately that was probably the best stretch of offensive football we have seen in the last 4 years (after Noodle Arm/Wildcat). This team is in desperate need of playmakers and also needs to execute what plays are there to be made. Over the last 3 weeks we are right there With Tony Sparanoís Jets as the worst offensive team in football. I think most posters expected our offense to suck and our rookie QB to have his bad moments so again, why so upset.

    I thought the defense was solid last night. 4 FGís to Buffalo at home should never be the end of the world to your offense. Hell, if NE held buffalo to 4 FGís weíd have seen Ryan Mallett in the 4th quarter. Our offense let us down in this game and they also did against Houston and Indy.

    Do we overrate Reggie Bush? It feels like everybody here feels like he should always be on the field but there has to be a reason he is not. People want him to be used in all these exotic ways which honestly makes sense to me. However, I find it hard to believe our coaching staff considers him our biggest playmaker, like some of us do, if they are constantly taking him off the field.
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    Bush is not, and never will be, an every-down back. That fact alone has made this season a disaster. He was depended on to do that and he is a failure. He can't hold up physically. Thomas is a complete waste of time and Miller has not proven anything. We need a RB in addition to all the other needs.

    Then.... we need a least 1 WR.

    Then.... we need TE, DB, OL, K, basically everything.

    It just goes on and on and on.

    ireland drafts wannabes 1 or 2 rounds ahead of their actual consensus position. He totally disregards the peter principle. he thinks impact offensive talent is radioactive. Our roster is barely SECOND-STRING for most teams.

    it's DONE unless the man is GONE.
    Ryan Tannehill. Ah, what a relief. Life is good.
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