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so we should trust people you know and not people I know. Gotcha! I agree with tetra when he said we shouldn't believe one person or another because those opinions are formed on political ideology. My friends from Canada and the uk just happen to be conservative. Your friend I am sure is a liberal (even though you will never admit it). The problem with out system is efficiency, not insurance reform ( which is the only thing that is changing and will cost millions of jobs).
How I hate this labeling. So typical right wing (now there is a label for you). I have a surprise for you: nobody will ask you at a doctor's office or the hospital if you are conservative or liberal. Nor does anybody has to listen to my friend or act upon his opinion. He is giving his opinion and his opinion alone based on his experience. You also don't have to trust him. You obviously have a trust issue with anybody remotely disagreeing with you.
I don't diss or dismiss your friends. And I don't care if they are conservatives or not. They have their experiences and I trust they are true. I know it is a philosophy you can not subscribe to.

The question I have for your friends is: have they lived under our system for at least a decade? Or do they know only their 'home' system. Technically I don't know any other health care system than ours. So my opinion will always be based on reading and the opinion of others who lived under a different system. But I tell you what you will be hard pressed to find anybody who lived under a different system, then lived under our system for over 20 years and has first hand knowledge of a different system for the passed two years.

Just to make you sleep better: we don't talk much politics. I would throw him into the conservative side based on him being definitely in the top 1%. The few talks we have show simply that he has a slight liberal, progressive tendency as well. I would put him into the middle of the road.