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Thread: What the World Doesn't Know About Healthcare in America

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    Quote Originally Posted by phins_4_ever View Post
    The reason I asked is the WHO made the last comprehensive study in 2000. Your article actually takes these numbers. So it is a 2000 study.
    And the article was from 2010 when this was being used to push ACA because it remains the most the ambitious and comprehensive objective international study of healthcare comparisons between 191 countries to date even if there are disagreements over the subjective parts.

    Not that I wouldn't expect some differences now mostly due to things like bad planning with the doctor's guild big oops on a doctor glut...

    Medical miscalculation creates doctor shortage

    The predictions of a doctor shortage represent an abrupt about-face for the medical profession. For the past quarter-century, the American Medical Association and other industry groups have predicted a glut of doctors and worked to limit the number of new physicians. In 1994, the Journal of the American Medical Association predicted a surplus of 165,000 doctors by 2000.

    "It didn't happen," says Harvard University medical professor David Blumenthal, author of a New England Journal of Medicinearticle on the doctor supply. "Physicians aren't driving taxis. In fact, we're all gainfully employed, earning good incomes, and new physicians are getting two, three or four job offers."
    "Almost everyone agrees we need more physicians," says Carl Getto, chairman of the Council on Graduate Medical Education, a panel Congress created to recommend how many doctors the nation needs. "The debate is over how many."

    Getto's advocacy of more doctors is remarkable because his advisory committee and its predecessor have been instrumental since the 1980s in efforts to restrict the supply of new physicians. In a new study sent to Congress, the council reverses that policy and recommends training 3,000 more doctors a year in U.S. medical schools.

    The marketplace doesn't determine how many doctors the nation has, as it does for engineers, pilots and other professions. The number of doctors is a political decision, heavily influenced by doctors themselves.
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