Look at the AFC, it's horrible. The Colts (who are an average team that can't win on the road at all) are the #1 wild card team at 6-3, the Steelers are also 6-3 but they're probably cooked without Big Ben, and beyond those two teams NO OTHER WILD CARD CONTENDER IS EVEN AT .500! The Chargers are going to lose in Denver on Sunday to go to 4-6 and I see them finishing 8-8 again, Cincinnati might make a little run but I don't see them getting to more than 8 or 9 wins, Tennessee is atrocious defensively, and Buffalo can't beat anybody half decent either. If we were able to go 9-7 against this easy schedule that we have this year then we would have made the playoffs relatively comfortably, instead we blew close games due to bad defense and a crappy kicker (ARI, NYJ games) and threw three straight stinkers against (at best) average teams in the last 3 weeks. Looking at our remaining schedule, I'm not even sure that we'll get to 6 wins, what a joke.
I understand that Tannehill is a rookie, but in today's NFL with how easy it is to pass there is no excuse for him to play as poorly as he has in the last 3 weeks, specifically against those 3 God awful defenses. I also get that Philbin is a first year head coach, but guess what? Jim Harbaugh won the freakin coach of the year award in his first year, John Harbaugh took the Ravens 11-5 and crushed us in Miami in '08 during his first year, and fat douche Rex Ryan went to the AFC title game with a rookie QB in his first season as a head coach. Like I've said previously, I'm willing to be patient with Tannehill and Philbin beyond this first season, but if they don't make significant improvements next year they should both be on a ****in short leash. Sick of losing.