My buddy tore is bicept 2 years back. He lifted on a Friday and felt fine after, he took Saturday off and then on Sunday when to the garage to load of the car with the kiddies and was lifting something stupid into the truck and bam.....complete tear of the bi. He said felt like a knife cutting into his arm and the worst cramp he has ever had in his life. This is a dude who played D tackle in college, stands about 6'3" and in his day weighed 275 and now comes in at a trim 240. He had to have surgery to fix the muscle, no way around it so the doctor surmised that he tore it Friday lifting and then finished it off on Sunday.

So if Dansby is playing with a tear in his bi he is playing becasue he is leading by example and sucking it up. This is what I wanted to see out of him this season, now however I wonder if he should shut it down for a few games and get health before he ends up in Lewis spot with a complete tear.