You guys can laugh all you want when I post this, but Im not pulling the plug on this season just yet. Lets take a look at what lies ahead......

at 9ers
at NE

Face it. NE is beatable. They almost lost to both the Jests and the Bills. NE's defense is a joke. We will have an opportunity to beat them.

If this team can get it together and start playing well again, it isnt quite over. I know this, if we win the next 2 games, we will be 6-6 and NE will be 8-4 at best. You guys will be talking about the possibilities of winning the division.

Now, obviously to win the divison we will have to go 5-1 over these last 6 games. While that seems impossible the way we have played the last 2 games, just try and realize that if our OL pulls its head out of its ass and Tannehill steps it up a bit, it is certaily possible to pull off.

The Jags and Bills are terrible. We play them at home. Seattle is not the same team on the road that they are at home. If we get back to playing the way we were a few weeks ago, we could win that game. Ive already stated how NE is beatable. And yea, the 9ers are tough, but they just tied in SF against a team we beat. So its not impossible.

Look, if we can pull off 9-7, considering we will likely beat NE twice in that process, that means they would only have to lose 2 other games of their other 5 remaining in order to fall to 9-7 themselves. This is our only path. 9-7 will not get us a WC, because again, not only would going 9-7 mean sweeping NE, they would have to win 10 for that to throw us in the WC mix and its likely 9 wins wont get a WC. So winning the division is are only possible way in.

Face it, the AFC east is WEAK. Its still possible. If we come home and beat Seattle, that can change the momentum. Beating NE the next week I promise would have all of you talking about how its possible we are 8-7 and playing a 9-6 NE team in week 17 for the division. 2 games in a row to get us back in it. Lets do this ****!

Hell, NE could easily lose to Indy this week. Who else is left on their schedule? I can promise there isnt a game that should be considered a gimmie for them. They lost at home to Arizona. They play almost every game close because their defense is so bad. We can beat them. Its just a matter of guys getting it together and playing well.

Get the run game going and get Tannehill back on track and this is not over. Laugh all you want. Go ahead. Im not guaranteeing anything. Im not even saying its likely. I know it isnt. Im just saying it isnt over. If we lose next week you can close it down. But, until we lose one of the next 2 games, Im not throwing in the towel.