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I like the confidence Wv, but this team should of beaten titans and the bills .. They had the oportunity and failed. Right now im looking forward to tannehill progression this season. We just got to hope for a miracle at this point and hopefully everyone keeps blowing
Again, dont get me wrong. Im not saying Im confident. The way this team has played the last 2 games, its likely we go 2-4 over this stretch. All Im saying is if this team can start playing well again, we can win these next 2 games.

And if we win this next 2 games, going into NE at 8-7 and playing a winner take all game in week 17 is a real possibility.

Because if we win the next 2, we would only need to beat Jacksonville and Buffalo at home to get to 8-7. If we are 8-7 with a win over NE, its entirely possible they are 9-6 and that game is for the division. If we get to that game, Id think we lose it even if we start playing better.

Im just saying lets beat Seattle and the first NE game all of the sudden is pretty big.