I know people think the division is our only way but I seem to think the Wild card is more likely. For this team to make it the way they have been playing would take an extreme act from congress or hell to freeze over. But anyway if it were to happen as a wild card we would have to take care of our own business of course. The wc spots right now are Indy and Pitt. Pitt could be without Big Ben for sometime and Indy has a tough schedule. Here are the toughest games the "in the hunt" teams have remaining.

Indy----at NE, Bills, at Lions, at Texans, Titans, Texans

Pitt----at Ravens, Ravens, SD, at Dallas, Cincy

SD----at Denver, Ravens, Cincy, at Pitt

Titans----Texans, Indy, at GB, Jets

Bills----at Indy, Rams, Seattle, at Miami, Jets

Those are just their toughest games in my opinion but in the NFL anything could happen. It's a possibility all of those teams could lose 3 or 4 more games. But we will probably lose 3 or 4 more games as well the way we have looked as of late. But if a miracle would happen I think the wild card is the best option. We would have to sweep the Pats and need them to lose another as well for the division, but we would need to probably sweep them for a WC spot to. It doesnt look good but for those who have hope I would be looking at the wild card for our best chance