Its too bad, they started with a new coaching staff which always brings optimisim unfortunately they kept Ireland and he really is the cause of most of their problems. The guy has no business running this team. Time after time, player after player his trades, drafts and f.a. signings have brought the team further and further downhill. Its unbelievable he's still around after his track record all these years, not just 2 or 3.

Now instead of having some good young players and a smattering of decent vets to build with we're gonna have to tear the team apart and start over because this group just ain't cutting it. Look down their roster, its pathetic. The few players they were counting on to bring the team back to respectability have almost all regressed and will be turfed out to make way for new hopefuls. Somebody name 1 recent draft choice that looks like a blue chipper, maybe centre Mike Pouncy, wow. And Hartnells a decent receiver. We won't know about Tannehill for a couple more years. On defence they've got Wake and Jones, Dansby and Burnett are busts as far as I'm concerned. The rest of them play like they know they're not very good. Look at the way they got manhandled by the Bills, and it wasn't just the o line. The whole team was pushed around.

You people who want to look thru rose coloured glasses can do so, I'm only stating the facts. The future looks and has looked very bleak for many years and will continue to flounder until they get a real gm.