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Rebuilding is one of the most annoying phrases used on this board.

There really is no such thing as rebuilding in the NFL. If you make good moves, any NFL team can be a winner from one season to the next. We have the QB we are going forward with for now. Whether he turns out to be the right choice or not remains to be seen. So we arent rebuilding. Retooling perhaps, but thats all most teams ever really do in the NFL. Once you get the right QB, its just a matter of putting a few pieces in place and going for it.
We got a little carried away after the first 7 games but without a running game which we all thought to be the strength of this team we are 7-9 8-8 at best, the key is to have a good free agency and draft and this team should be in good shape.
Start playing the young guys now to find out what they have.