This team has some major problems personel wise. Too many depth guys, few starter caliber players, maybe only 1or2 elite players. Fins start 22 players. 11 on offense and same on defence. Only 8 of those 22 are actually starting caliber players. Pouncey, Long(bad as of late), for arguments sake I'll give you Hartline, Wake, Solai, Starks, Dansby, and Jones. The obvious one I left out is our potential future QB, Ryan Tannehill.
There are some of you, or I would say most of you who are optimistic about Tannehill. Can he be that guy? Based on his performance its clearly looking like he's not going to pan out. He doesn't throw TD's, too many INT, decision making with the ball is terrible half the time. Too quick to get the ball out, I can understand if there's pressure(blitz) but when there's time in the pocket, he delivers the ball way too quick. Doesn't let routes develop more than 10+ yards down the field. He seems poise but his pocket awareness is terrible, doesn't use his mobility, a side step to by more time and reset his feet and that Fire attitude in games in the huddle is not there. An overall judgement on a QB performance is the QB rating. Tannehills QB rating isn't bad, its atrocious. Ok if not atrocious to some, it's horrible, very very concerning. His numbers are as bad as Dirty Sanchez. Despite his 431 yard performance against Arizona, his consistancy of play has been like Mark Sanchez. For Sanchez, we all say his sucks based on performance and numbers. If your only excuse is that he's a rookie, give him time, your oblivious. Let me give you a hint, the good QB's, the ones that will make you a playoff threat every year, perform very well when they are appointed the starting QB their Rookie seasons. His receivers are nothing special either.

The WR group needs to be revamped. I, in quick sand run faster than Bess. Slot guy good hands but not productive, you need more from your slot WR. It's been a great 3 yr experiment with Bess but need to move on. The only guy worth keeping is Hartline. Reason only because his side line catches are huge for a football team, great awareness of where he his, good hands and his sideline tiptoe catches are elite. Add the TE's to this group as well.

The Oline and Dline are heading in two different directions but both need changes, especially OLINE. If the Fins decide not to pay Jake Long above 11+ million a year on a longterm contract or Franchise(15+ million) the Oline is in shambles for Tannehills 2nd year. The only guy that should be kept on that Line is Pouncey. Jerry and Icognito performances are terrible. I was surprised we kept Icognito as long as we did, I thought after his 1st yr with us he was bad. Seems like we also flopped on Jonathan Martin. His strength is too weak for such a big guy, he is ranked in the high 80's out of all right tackles in the league. Majority of scouts new what they were talking about when it came to Martin. A predraft top 10 pick at once, fell to us in the 2nd round. The Dline is good with one major problem, Jared Odrick. He is a depth guy who is starting and does not fit as a 4-3 DE. better suited to play DT. There is no pressure coming from the right side of the Dline. There are too many holes to fill on this roster to make this team relevant again. The worse part is the secondary.

EVERY single one of our CB's are not starter marterial!!! From Sean(I have zero awareness, can never locate the ball) Smith to RJ Stanford. This is the biggest problem on this team. Enormous problem moving forward. As for safeties, Clemons is replaceable and the only bright spot is Reshad Jones.

Now knowing all these problems and moves/decisions that need to be made, from my part, there is no optimism for the next 5 years. Take into account there are about 300 players drafted every year. at best, max 60 of those guys drafted pan out to be starter material/probowlers. Thats 20% of the draft which means 80% of guys drafted don't pan out. Maybe 20% of the 80% become solid depth players. You see, with so many problems and additions this team needs to make to be relevant again its based on luck with the draft, FA signings and time which equals years. All these fixes do not happen in a year. Too many holes to fill to be a playoff team and if Tannehill is not the answer, that alone will put the team back another 3 yrs.