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Missed the point entirely. Okay, let me simplify it for you. If a large corporation has a ****ty CEO, should they just keep him because they're not sure what else is out there (without even bothering to look)? Is that a good enough analogy for you? Or do CEOs of major corporations just grow on trees too?

And, as I pointed out in the original post, your ****ty logic failed with Sparano as well. "Oh, we can't fire Morono, who are we going to replace him with? Derp!" Well, we replaced him, and it wasn't all that hard.
How does a bad employee in a normal business, which you posted, now compare with a CEO of a big corp?

I was a Project Mgr for Wild Oats, a stock exchange company before selling out to Whole Foods, and have had, and now do have, a much smaller company. How about yourself?

Yeah, I think I can follow you, without the simplification.