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Thread: Tennesse has fired D. Dooley.

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    Jan 2005

    Tennesse has fired D. Dooley.

    Good man...but that record wasn't going to cut it at Rocky Top.
    Now that a friend of the family is no longer their coach...I can go back
    to hating the POS school.
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    how he handled Arnett wanting to transfer back home was bush league, but he had an uphill battle from the start. Problem was, he lost Justin Wilcox has DC which pissed a lot of people off, and he lost to Vanderbilt.

    Tennessee fans have the following wishlist...
    1.Jon Gruden (ain't happening)
    2.Charlie Strong (possible, but I think he stays at Louisville as long as Teddy Bridgewater is there)
    3.Bill O'Brien (ain't happening, and PSU made sure of it with his contract extension making his buyout extremely high)
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