Folks, is time to get back to the starting point at the beginning of the season, high expectations are natural, but we have to realize that we are not ready to compete right now, I can see that while the season progress, some of us try to predict harder ways to be in playoffs, that is almost impossible and it could be devastating if we keep putting energy on this, let us move on and enjoy what our team is accomplishing.

This season our team was mainly set to conform a core of people to start with, so, where we are right now.

1. First of all, we have good coaches, maybe the only question mark is Coyle, not only because D has had ups and downs, but mainly because he has no previous proved experience as DC; contrary to our offensive side; they also have had ups and downs, but both Sherman and Phibin have proven experience with success in the NFL.
2. We have a QB, is not as special as we'd like to, but so far is good enough to take us all the way if he is supported with a good cast of players offensively and defensively.
3. On ST, we are complete, nothing need to be added here. Check.
4. On Offense, we need a couple of guys on OL, most important than everything, LT or RG and a Guard, we need dominant players up front, a #1 receiver and a TE that can block and take strides down the field not only short passes.
5. On Defense, a couple of corners, a free safety (a ballhawk) and a dominant passrusher.

So far, we need 7 to 8 players away to be a very good team, I did not included a RB because, we had success running while our OL was dominant, we need to fix that I think.

To finish my comment, we have 2 options, keep suffering while we see how our playoffs hopes are getting slim and harder to accomplish or feel good about how our team is being built with a good group of people, some of them very talented.