1.)Jarvis Jones, OLB out of Georgia(6'3",242)

[Total youth rebuild on defense. Jones is going to be the cornerstone of the movement.]

2.)Zach Ertz, TE out of Stanford(6'6",252)

[Seeing how Fasano is set to be a free agent after this season, and as exciting as his play has been we can do better. If Ertz commits, Miami will have a couple opportunites to draft the next big thing at tight end....literally.]

2b.)Kenny Vaccaro, FS out of Texas(6'1",219)

[Vaccaro is an aggressive safety how shows good range and decent ball skills. He should be able to step right in day 1 and contribute, if not start.]

3.)Jamar Taylor, CB out of Boise State(5'11",198)

[Taylor has plenty of talent. Big, strong, good balance and shows play-making ability. Might need to be brought along slowly at first, but should be able to get on the field on ST immediately til he gets his feet wet at corner in the NFL.]

3b.)Cobi Hamilton, WR out of Arkansas(6'3",209)

[Kinda reminds me of Sidney Rice before he went to Seattle. Big, good size, good speed, & reliable pair of hands. The best thing about Hamilton is that he is a great route runner. He'll fit in just fine in a WC offense.]

4.)Hugh Thornton, LG/RG out of Illinois(6'4",310)

[Thornton can do just about anything asked of him. Probably wont be an All-Pro, but he could be solid to good. Plays at RG, but he's good enough of an athlete to play either guard position.]

5.)B.W Webb, CB out of William & Mary(5'10",180)

[B.W has a lot of potential. He's smooth in his back pedal and shows good anticipation. Obviously the competition isn't exactly the SEC, but he's worth exploring.]

6.)Bruce Taylor, ILB out of Virginia Tech(6'2",244)

[Taylor was considered a 2nd-3rd round projection, but injuries set him back. He's back on the field now, and can still work his way up but as of now he's 5th round-undrafted.]

6b.)Braden Hansen, RG out of BYU(6'5",308)

[Probably camp fodder, but scratching pennies on best available talent at needed positions.]

7.)D.J Harper, RB out of Boise State(5'9",207)

[This guy is the definition of a gamebreaker. What comes to mind when I see Harper play is Percy Harvin, Doug Martin, guys like that. Not too big, but solid frame for thier size and world class speed. Harper is no exception. He's a terror in open space. Having him as a change of pace back behind Miller & Thomas would be lethal.]