IMO we are NOT set at runningback. Bush is not the answer, neither is Thomas and Miller is unproven. A Q.B.s best friend is a running game and we don't have one. Before the Cowboys drafted Emmit Smith their o-line was not highly though of. Bring in Smith and suddenly the o-line is elite. We need a Doug Martin type of guy. With our first pick we go wide reciever or runningback. If there is a super stud reciever with our first pick grab him. Our next pick based on that scenario should be a kickass runningback. What runningback could we get in free agency? I don't care if we draft one or get one in free agency it's clear that if we are to build around Tannehill we must land an elite runningback. Give Tanny some weapons and he will be great! Playaction only works when the runner is feared and our group isn't scareing anybody. Our biggest need is reciever. After that bring in a killer runnigback. Suddenly our offense will be looking alot better.