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Raised by my old man that is a die hard Dolfan. I've been brainwashed since day 1 and will forever bleed aqua and orange.
I like that brainwashed part.
I should have probably added that of course my fanship was based (or brainwashed) by my parents. Not too many 5 year olds become football fans on their own.

My parents go way back to the Seahawks (Miami) for a year or two. I remember my dad messing with me. When I went to my very first game at the Orange Bowl he told me that the Miami Seahawks played at a much better Stadium: The Burdines Stadium. Little did I know back then that the Orange Bowl was in fact the original Burdines Stadium. I figured that out much later and my Dad had a good laugh on me.

He said also to me: Boy, you better appreciate what you have here (a football franchise). Mom ans I went for nearly 20 years without a home team and it sucked.

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There was a movement to get rid of Dan toward his last couple season, exasberated by his injuries to his Achilles and broken ankle, which lead to his early return to that infamous Dallas game whereas Dan thew several picks. A lot of fans said hisarm strength was gone and his mobility issues telegraphed his handoffs.