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Maybe some fans never jumped on the bandwagon, they have been waiting for him to EARN it through quality play. It's amazing how many fans think Tannehill is the answer. Maybe he is and maybe he isn't. But at this point he definitely has not been...6 TD passed, 11 interception, 70.8 QB rating, 0-4 with the game on the line (losing 1 fumble and throwing 3 interceptions). Just maybe the "reasonable" fans are the ones waiting for Tannehill to actually PLAY like a franchise QB before anointing him one.

Why not declare Jonathan Martin our franchise OL, Miller our franchise RB, Oliver our franchise DE, Matthews our franchise WR? Why, because they haven't EARNED it, just like Tannehill hasn't.

What's the difference between NY Jet fans in love with Sanchez and Miami Dolphin fans in love with Tannehill? Absolutely NOTHING...one and the same.

Your posts have zero credibility because you have been ****ting on the guy since before the first snap he took. You can't pass yourself off as an objective (or even semi-objective) observer when you made up your mind and then tried to fit the facts to it.