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Thread: Why is CB Achid Talib not a Dolphin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by iamtiv View Post
    Has anyone in this thread spelled his first name correctly? Just for ****s and giggles? Who gives a **** though, right? We'll probably see his name spelled correctly when he's running back a Tannehill pick-six.

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    i would say that although it burns, especially to hear the kind of sentinment that the patriots, ravens, 49ers, steelers ect can gamble on these chararacter issue type players because "they have locker rooms that can handle them" ....

    at the same time though, i think we have to realize that philbin is new here and is trying to put together that type of locker room, get a strong, large core of players that can't be distracted or detracted from their goals, and can eventually help other players get on track, players like aqib talibs and chad ochocincos and randy mosses, or maybe draft players like CB jimmy smith who have talent but need discipline but also need accountability from respected peers (players) in the locker room. that type of environment doesnt have in half a season, it takes some sacrafice, and some conservative moves at first, risk vs reward isnt there right now for a player like talib who could deter everything you want to set in place. it takes a few seasons, and that type of locker room goes hand and hand with success. a good locker room breeds success and success can bread a good locker room. well get there.
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