This is what i would like to see the dolphins do in the first 6 picks of the draft:

1. Keenan Allen-stud, obviously biggest need on our team.
2a. Kenny Vacarro or corey lemonier. Which ever is the biggest need. (probably vaccaro)
2b. Tavon Austin or Cobi Hamilton. (Hamilton would give us 2 big outside threats, Austin we could use like a percy harvin)
3a. Best Guard availible
3b. Dez trufant. (added help in the secondary)
4. chris gragg. TE from arkansas. stock has fallen from lack of playing time due to injury.

OR (if allen isnt there in the first)

1. Jarvis Jones
2a. Kenny Vaccaro
2b. Tavon Austin/Cobi hamilton
3a. Cordarelle Patterson
3b. Dez Trufant
4. chris gragg.

This would turn the dolphins into a playoff contender in 2013 and a superbowl team in 2014.

Lets here what you guys think of this.